How to use instagram story filters on camera roll


We are going to talk to you about the different types of filters that you can use in Instagram stories . Technically, there is only one type of filter for these stories, and they are already a fairly unknown feature. But then we also have the effects, which could also be considered a type of filter.

How to use instagram story filters on camera roll

To avoid confusion and help you make the most of both concepts, we are going to start with a simple introduction in which we explain the differences between filters and effects , and then we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use both. You will see that the filters are extremely easy, but with the effects you will need a further step.

Filters and Effects

We are going to start the article by differentiating the filters and effects of Instagram stories. The filters are the classic ones, the simple ones, those that come directly from the simple filters of normal Instagram posts. Instagram filters do not modify what is in the photo , they only filter it to modify aspects related to how that same photo looks and the colors.


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Meanwhile, the effects of the Stories do modify the photos , you can make your face look different, you can put on a hat or make your face open or look like an alien. They are just that, effects that modify the photos.

The point is that in the effects catalog you can also find filters . We already told you in its day how to create Instagram effects , and in that process, filter creators can decide what modifications to make to your face when you apply an effect, or if you simply want to put a filter to change the colors.

Another difference is that in general, you will be able to use effects from external creators , not just those from Instagram, while native filters for stories are only created by Instagram and you cannot put others that are created by third parties.

How to use Instagram Stories filters

To use the filters of Instagram Stories, you first have to take or choose a photo or video in the process to create Stories . Once you take the photo or video, or choose one from your gallery, you will go to the story editing screen. In it, simply slide the screen to the left or right , and when you do, you will see that different filters will be applied to the video or photo.

Every time you apply a filter, the name will appear so you know what it is. The filter collection is small and rotatable , which means that when you go from the last one you will automatically return to the first one without having to swipe in the other direction. Simply choose the filter you want and publish your story.

How to use Instagram Stories effects

To use effects in Instagram Stories you will need to take a few more steps, but the principle is the same. First, you have to take or choose a photo or video in the process to create Stories . Once you take the photo or video, or choose one from your gallery, you will go to the story editing screen. In it, click on the effects button at the top of the screen. It is the one with the icon of a face with two stars.

When you click on the effects icon, several will appear at the bottom of the screen that you can alternate between to see the effect they have on your photo or video, or directly on the camera before you take your photo to the stories.

Click on any of the effects and you will see how a window opens with a series of options related to it. In this window, click on the Explore effects option that will appear with a magnifying glass icon.

You will arrive at the Effects Gallery , where you have to click on the effect or filter that you want to use . To find one, you can go exploring the different sections that you have in the tabs above, and you also have a search option to try to find them with a term or theme that you have in mind.

When you click on any of the effects in the gallery, you will go to a preview created by the designer who created it. Here you can get an idea of ​​how it works. You have several options, being able to click on the Test button to simply use it. You also have a download button to permanently add it to your list of effects, and another to send the effect by private Instagram message to someone else

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