Cyberpunk 2077 Hacking the Hacker Gig Walkthrough


Hacking the Hacker is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77). This walkthrough will guide you through all steps of the Hacking the Hacker Gig (Side Quest).

Area: Santo Domingo (Arroyo) Quest Giver: Muamar “El Capitan” Reyes Requirement: Reach Street Cred Level 21 Reward: €$6340 / 565 XP / Street Cred XP Mission Info: Gig type: Agent Saboteur

Objective: Infect 6th Street computer with a virus

Location: 6th Street hideout on MLK Blvd

Details: Those boy sand girls from 6th Street think they got wicked smarts, that they can jump a Militech transport in my hood without me knowing it. They think they can crack corpo weapons and tip the balance of power in this city to their favor. It’s time and they got a rude awakening.

I’ll snap you the location of the 6th St hideout and the door code. Job’s simple – find a way in, look for the comp they use to jailbreak corpo tech, upload the virus I’ll supply to you and voila, their fancy new weapon melts into a sparkly new slagheap.

One more thing. If you happen to find a Lucius Thoran, do me a favor and make his ass disappear, will ya? Thoran’s a techie – came up with this gonk plan, which makes him a real thorn in my ass. Pun intended.

Stay safe and have fun.


  • Enter the megabuilding
  • Kill Lucious [Optional]
  • Get inside the 6th Street’s hideout
  • Upload the virus onto the 6th Street netrunner’s computer
  • Leave the 6th Street hideout
  • Go to the Drop Point

Starting Location: Hacking the Hacker

Gig: Hacking the Hacker starts in Santo Domingo (Arroyo).

Enter the megabuilding

Your goal in this gig is to go up to the apartments level of the megabuilding, then put a virus on the computer in the gang hideout. To start, go into the main floor and take the elevator up.

Kill Lucious [Optional]

El Capitan gives you the optional objective of killing a specific gang member while here, which unless you try to specifically get in and out without killing anyone you will probably do without trying as he is in the same room as the other objective.

Get inside the 6th’s Street’s hideout

The hideout is on the opposite side of the area from the elevator, with the only path being following the walkway around to the right. If you want to remain somewhat hidden you can go through a window into a room on the right and avoid some enemies.

When you reach the set of stairs you can either go down to the lower floor or up to the right, where there are some extra paths you can take. If you want to go through the lower floor first be aware that there is a turret in the room you need to get by to go upstairs where the objective is.

If you take the upper way you will be able to come right into the main room where the objective is, and Lucius will also likely be hanging out in the middle of the room for you to deal with.

Upload the virus onto the 6th Street netrunner’s computer

Follow the objective to the computer in the middle of the room and upload the virus.

Leave the 6th Street hideout

Once you have uploaded the virus, you can leave the hideout using the elevator again. If you got in combat when you were in the hideout, then there will be a few 6th Street enemies downstairs who will attack you when you exit the elevator.

Go to the Drop Point

El Capitan has left your reward in the nearby drop point, interact with it to complete the gig.

This finishes Hacking the Hacker gig in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77).

For all other Quest Walkthroughs, check out the complete Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough.

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